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My oh My!.

Hello. Welcome to my blog. It is a personal blog n i really want to enjoy every single word in this blog....

Liza Idris

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I'm a very determine person and so into it. Be reasonable and always moderate in everything except your ibadah... Always muhasabah yourself n be around your lovers and appreciate them!.

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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

after waiting for so long, finally i've got my new handphone.. not 1 but 2 handphones.. fer me n fer my hubby too. i choose white crystal clear cover n he did choose the black one. i keep trying to get familiar wif the new hp.. and it quite complex dude! damm! i really cannot catch up with d technologies nowadays... so shamefull..

hhmmm.. need to find another taska for afaf.. but i feel comfius to get another nanny becoz what if afaf refused to stay wif d new nanny? what if afaf keep crying d whole day?? is it possible to let another CAH to handle afaf??? huh! am i alone to solve this problem? gosh!!!!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

gosh! from now on speaking in english is compulsory to all staff.. means, english is our mother tongue here.. huhuhu.. but do i care? of course have to care, Liza.. look around u, everybody speaks in english... no matter ke laut or ke longkang! hahahha the most important : SPEAK IN ENGLISH..! hahahhahha.. where do should i start? reading in english? singing in english? dreaming in english? hahahha..! maybe start from mr clement... oh yeah!

Friday, December 16, 2011

wow! down lane memories...

Thursday, December 15, 2011

remembering all the memories here within 5 months.. what a sweet story.. hanging with utmost lovely friends.. nice x-bosses... very happy family.. Syukur Ya Allah! You gave me all the payback times after the black sour memories me in Kuantan... and i won't let it happen for the second time... really pray hard for it !!

Being me as a lecturer; dear! It is like a dream came true... After 2 years struggling with my master study now I can feel the same feeling like others... enjoying my weekend, cooking for family and watching tv together with them... what a peaceful world..! =)

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Yeah...yeahhh rite! it is fun to be a teacher.. teaching in school , not in higher edu nymore.. when school holiday can u imagine how peaceful it will be? really miss that moment.. stay at home and spend your valuable time with your daughter... watching tv and movies... bring afaf to supermarket for window shopping... walla!!!


Yet, it still need a strong encourage to apply the job... that the most laziest thing i want to do... end of story if that so!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

everyday doing the same things.. but am really enjoy it.. teaching is my passion and luv to involve in it.. spent 3 days wif my daughter and its really make my day.. just bought a new pon-pon vehicle for afaf... hoorayyyy!

wah... blog sudah berwajah baru! credit to farah fadhil lah sbb bantu setelah berhari2 nk tukar wajah blog ni.. muahhahahaha...!