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My oh My!.

Hello. Welcome to my blog. It is a personal blog n i really want to enjoy every single word in this blog....

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I'm a very determine person and so into it. Be reasonable and always moderate in everything except your ibadah... Always muhasabah yourself n be around your lovers and appreciate them!.

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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

duhai anak kesayangan mama... pagi ni mama rasa sedih sgt sbb afaf patahkan cermin mata mama.. aduhaiiiii sayang... mama terlelap 15 minit je terus berubah cermin mata mama... dengan bingkai yg terbongkang, cermin dah tercabut... tali pengikat cermin terburai... afaf oh afaf....  hurrmmmm...

mama terpaksa ambil cuti separuh hari sebab nk betulkan cermin tu.. mama tunggu depan focus point sampai cina tu angkat shutter kedai... ada pakcik sorang tu tanya mama : awal datang shopping.. hahahhahaha... dia tatau mama terpaksa shopping awal sbb anak mama yg buatkan mama bershopping awal..

tapi mama nk minta maaf dgn afaf sbb masa mama nangis td mama tinggikan suara dgn afaf.. maafkan mama, sayang...  <3

tapi mama janji balik nanti mama belikan happy meal utk afaf !!! yeeaayyyyy !!!

Monday, May 7, 2012

wanna make a new hobby... wawweeiiii... last i done wif my cross stich around 10 - 11 years ago.. hahhahaha... now really indeed to start wif manik2 and labuci... xcited beb! i bought all the manik during lunch time today and plan to start tonite. heehheheheh..!! WIsh mE lUCK GuYS...!!!!


starting my new environment in Damansara Damai Campus. pfffft... such a long journey to get here.. all the tears and laugh will remain in my toughts... 

really proud wif afaf for her gorgeous and cutest moment on the launching segment.. such a lovely kid seeing her on stage bring the pen and together wif the minister of higher edu...

i believed, every parents will feel the same. Pray sumday afaf will be a good person and can contribute as much as she could for herself and people around her...   :)